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Before You Buy ~ Tricks That Marketers Use

Before you buy that next MUST have money
making product
– Read this First!

This is sort of a consumer alert-There are some tricks you should be aware of BEFORE you buy any Money making product. Buyer beware! Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Please read this post, I want you all to be informed buyers and less likely to  get scammed.

I know this post will not make me too popular among marketers- so those that dis me for it are probably the ones using these methods.

There is a javascript that allows a person to change the content on any website – the thing is it only does it on their own screen and is only temporary . This means you can change the dollar amounts on your PayPal page or Clickbank stats and take a screenshot of it as it will look as if it’s real. Or, manipulate  a Google search page and make it look as if their sites are in the #1 spot.

There are marketers who are using this script to do just that. They then take a screenshot of their “new” stats and place them in their sales pages to show “proof” of the earnings they made w/ whatever product they are promoting. Want to know how they do it? Just look on YouTube. A word of warning– if you choose to use this in your marketing, you WILL lose your customer’s trust and loyalty if they find out. I would rather do it the honest way. i value my customers way too much to deceive them. Just another reason I hate sales hype.

Here’s one of them. Look just how easy it is to do.

How to edit any webpage

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