Celebrating over 40 years as a Business Owner

Is There ANY Truth In Marketing Anymore?


OK, I just need to vent a little.

I recently began to actively look for work on Free Lancer when my dog became disabled. And OMG some of the jobs that are posted there are making me feel disappointed in doing business online. Read More...

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More IM “Guru’s” BS!


I caught a few Internet Marketing “Gurus” in a lie recently, so I just have to post a little rant!
I have attended or viewed the replays of several Internet Marketing Guru's webinars during which they told a little lie. It's a small one- just about how long they have used WordPress, but a lie none the less.

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Hope You Didn’t Feel Abandoned

Sorry that I have been so inattentive lately. Back in Feb, I broke up a dog fight between my dog & my roommate’s Pit Bull, who has suddenly decided that she hated my dog after getting along for about 4 months. Read More...

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Happy ThanksGiving!


What do you have to be thankful for?  I am thankful for the opportunities that came into my life after some big setbacks that occurred late last year and continued to affect my life into the first quarter of this year. Read More...

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I Finally Moved Out Of Roommate Hell!!



I finally moved out of the roommate hell situation that I was in. Hopefully, this new one will prove to be much better. I won’t Woman packingbe connected to the Internet for a few more days, but I look forward to getting caught up soon. Read More...

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Before You Buy ~ Tricks That Marketers Use

Before you buy that next MUST have money
making product
– Read this First!

This is sort of a consumer alert-There are some tricks you should be aware of BEFORE you buy any Money making product. Buyer beware! Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Please read this post, I want you all to be informed buyers and less likely to  get scammed. Read More...

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Happy New Year!


The new year is almost here.  Are you ready, both personally and professionally? I have some new projects in the works, but I don’t have all my goals for 2009 planned out yet. I’ve been looking at some of the new technology that’s finally coming out- like Microsoft’s Surface Screen. looks like the computers on CSI are finally going to be available for us. Woo Hoo! Read More...

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Have an Awsome Holiday


I hope that you have an awesome holiday season, regardless of religion or ethnic background. I think of this time of year as a reminder of being compassionate and thoughtful of others rather than from a religious stand point. One of my goals is that I carry that mindset throughout the entire year. Read More...

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