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Do You Know Where To Begin?

Or even how to begin an online business? Have you tried just about every promising money-making program out there only to spend, spend spend- and never earning?

First of all, there is NO magic bullet, or overnight success without having to do a lick of work! Every business, whether on or offline takes w o r k no – time and EFFORT. If you have the money to spare, you could outsouce what you don’t like or know how to do. But, that may not be an option if you have been as piss poor as I had been at one time.

if you are among the Piss Poor, then there is lots of free training out there or if you are resourceful, you might be able to barter for services. A couple of places to get FREE Live Online Training are

  • The Internet Niche Lab is a new site that’s getting ready for their pre-launch that offers it’s members the opportunity to build an online business without needing their own website or product. The membership script helps members build THEIR own customer base- whose info goes to build their list, by being able to sell affiliate or their own products. There are online trainings available daily, Even as a free member, you can attend their live online trainings and earn affiliate commissions. They offer opportunities to brand yourself and your business.
  • Veretekk– has some very good live online trainings, which are available to members only ( which the only way to sign-up is through one of their members). They have a free membership which is now VERY limiting, basically you have access to most of their trainings and a Veretekk Affiliate site. Some trainers have started to limit their classes to Gold Members only.

These are the 2 main sites that offer live trainings done in web conferencing rooms. There are many Marketers that offer free weekly or monthly Webinars or Teleseminars, which will be covered in future posts.

Over a year ago, there were many sites sprouting up, offering free trainings and I would mention them here except that for the most part, they have either gone to paid members only orif they have free webinars, they are not much in content and do more recruiting or slaes hype (ick!) and very little in the way of valuable information.

Keep checking back here, as I will revisit those site, which I haven’t been to in over a year, to see if they have realized their mistake (people WANT content, not hype!) and will post the results for you.

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