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Hope You Didn’t Feel Abandoned

Sorry that I have been so inattentive lately. Back in Feb, I broke up a dog fight between my dog & my roommate’s Pit Bull, who has suddenly decided that she hated my dog after getting along for about 4 months.

I injured my back separating them and then as I was almost better, my dog, Murphy, lost the use of her hind legs. The Vet suspected either a blood clot or that the fight aggravated her Osteoarthritis.

Murph had needed a lot of attention these last 5 weeks as we tried a couple treatments and especially last week. This past Sunday afternoon, she passed away.

Now I am ready to get going and again apologize for my absenteeism. I have been working in the background- on a Blogging Course, which will be starting soon and a product Creation Course starting next month.

Please comment below any topics you would like to see me cover in the coming months.

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