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INL’s Article Challenge- Day 1


Here we are- Day 1 of the Article Marketing Challenge. Hope your ready. I decided to get rid of the page for the Challenge and just write posts, because I wanted the current Tip Of the Day to be on top and it didn’t look right in a page format.

I’m giving you 2 tips today. I couldn’t decide on giving tips on getting ideas or about your title, so I’m doing both. Well, actually Jeff Herring will give some tips on writing great titles

First-  How to get started.

If you find writing difficult to get started, then choose a topic you have personal knowledge, experience, or a passion with and start there. You know that subject that once you start talking about, you find it hard to stop.

Choose a specific topic or a niche. If your best friend wanted to get started in that same niche, what advise would you give him or her. Maybe 3 Things To Avoid, 5 Best Ways To____, Top 10 Mistakes Most people Make when ______ . Write your article in that manner, just as if you are speaking to your friend.

And here’s Mark from eZine Articles on writing Titles that will get your article noticed and maximize traffic.

You’ll see – aft writing that first one or two, it becomes MUCH easier- Just keep doing it! One person you should follow is Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy.

PS- Please go to the Internet Niche Lab's Blog to read the daily journal for the Challenge


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