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Now that you have your list, it's time to see what keyword phrase you can use. My advise is to not get too hung up on keywords/ keyphrases and the numbers in the software. I have known folks to have a profitable site using keyphrases that said there weren't enough stats business woman making moneyto report on.

My advise is to think like a consumer- what would you enter into the search engines in order to find products in your niche? Would you add words like discount, inexpensive, custom, etc? Then maybe that should be in your keyphrase.

I have tested one keyphrase in Market Samurai and came up w/ zilch- not enough searches, it said. I then went to eBay and looked for the product and found the sales did well there.

Think of how you research products. Do you enter different terms when just shopping around than when you are seriously going to make a purchase either on or offline? I know I do. When I'm ready to buy, I enter very specific terms.

Also keep in mind with keywords and ranking in the search engines- which is more important- being #1 on Google or having more sales??? Being #1 doesn't necessarily lead to more sales.

SEO vs Marketing- the difference??

SEO =  Becoming #1 on Google
Marketing= More potential customers

This video has some important things to consider when being findable with keywords. Heather Lutze explains findability through keywords.

You want your domain and keywords to be as specific as necessary. Your Findability Marketing strategy should be highly targeted campaigns using more highly targeted keyphrases.

For example say you train dogs, you may use the micro-niche of either a breed or maybe training puppies or older dogs, or Service Dogs. Your campaigns would then reflect this niche, but each campaign would target a certain issue.

Say your niche is Homemade Fudge Recipes, your marketing campaigns might be:

  • Favorite Homemade Peanut butter and Chocolate Fudge recipes.
  • best Homemade Fudge with nuts recipes
  • Sugar Free Fudge recipes for diabetics. etc

You also have to see if your niche will be profitable. Check Amazon, eBay, ClickBank and do  a search on your niche. See what products they have available and if possible how well they are selling.

With eBay, you can do a “completed auction” search. You will need to log in before accessing the results. The results will show you whether they sold or not and for how much, when they sold. eBay is great for studying buying habits.

Once you have your keywords and keyphrases , then you can keep them in mind for your website, if you're going to have one and your marketing campaigns.

Next step is decide whether you want to make this a business or just add to your income.Obviously the amount of work and commitment is different for each

To make serious money, enough to replace an income, will require more work- upfront anyway. You should also have your own domain, hosting account for your website, and autoresponder. All this can be done for under $20. The domain is approx $10 a year (price depends on the extension) Hosting is between $5-$10/mo. And I'll show you where to get an autoresponder for free in an upcoming post.

An autoresponder is a program that automatically sends emails to a list of people that sign up or opt-into a group list to receive information. They are often used as marketing tools, that immediately provide information, news, discounts, promotions to their prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time intervals. So you can build a list of people that will buy from you over and over again.

Whether you decide to make this a business or not, you still need to be found on the Internet. Your own website is only one way, but for a business owner, it adds credibility. Many of the Marketing strategies will be the same or very similar.

This week, decide on whether you want to run a business or just make some extra cash. Think about how much time you want to invest.

Next post we'll go over choosing a domain, hosting for those who decide to take that route. We'll also look for products to sell or promote.


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