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Online Business- The Year Ahead

Well, Christmas is over and a new year is about to begin. Now is a great time to get ready for 2011, if you haven’t done so already.

business planningA great Business Owner’s New Year’s Resolution is to strive to be more organized this coming year. Have your short and long term goals planned out. Analyze how your business is doing- what has been working and what hasn’t. What can you change? Maybe you’re not marketing effectively, or not at all. The build it and they will come mentality doesn’t work in the world of Online Business, anymore.

You practically have to scream out to the world that if you want the best _____, then come on down! You do not have to be an SEO expert or spend tons of money hiring an SEO company, you just have to be just do something to make you stand out from the rest and do something your competitors aren’t. It could be that they do not have their keywords in their domains, title, or description. Maybe they have junk backlinks rather than quality ones.

Starting in Jan, we’ll be covering business and marketing strategies to get your business back on track and some information and training to help those wishing to start an online business- build a solid foundation and some advanced training for those with established businesses.

One issue I hear over and over again from folks all over is that they attend a class or training, they think they understand- that is until they try it for themselves and for some reason, things don’t work like they did in class. It could be that you did a step incorrectly, an issue with the server, or a script error. Next week or class will be a new topic and now you find yourself getting more and more behind. The other issue I hear a lot about is “Information Overload”. Instructors sometimes throw out more information  than their students can absorb and put to good use.

To combat this common problem, we’re planing some on-going events and truly hands-on courses, where we will present the techniques in one session and have a second session later in the week where we will actually help you apply them to your site or business. We want to give you a couple days to try it on your own if you wish and attend the second session to get help wherever you need it. I believe that we can learn from each other and watching your peers go through it step by step somehow helps increase our comprehension of the task.

This second weekly session is all about YOU and YOUR business, so bring your questions and challenges so that we can work them out get redy for the upcoming yeartogether.

My thoughts were to start a special group for those just starting out and do these trainings as a year long progression . Starting w/getting started. Most topics will change monthly. There may be a few that will take less time and a couple that may require more time. The group will be structured more like a MasterMind Group. By the year’s end you will have developed a solid foundation to further build upon. I am hoping that the group will continue together for a long time forming a tightly knit MasterMind Group.

Since no one can know everything, I plan on having guests who are experts in their fields whenever possible.

Please enter your thoughts about this below. I really want your input on this.

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