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Online Business- Where To Start?

STEP #1 is STOP BUYING THOSE “MUST HAVE” “MAKE 7 FIGURES IN 28 DAYS” PROGRAMS!!!!Stop making THEM rich! Yep- some ones's making money with them and it's most likely not you.

It's also known as Shiny Object Syndrome and you can become an SOB (Shiny Object Buyer). Everything you need to know is available for free somewhere online, if you want to spend the time to look for it, or join 1 site that teaches it live in webinar format, where you can get immediate answers and help.

Where do you start? Do you merely want to make some extra money online or do you want to start an actual business or expand an existing  brick or mortar one? The line between just making money online and starting an online business can become blurry at times.

While you can build Adsense sites and sell Affiliate products, it can eventually turn into a business. The other way around is true too, you can do Free Lance work and only do the odd job from time to time and be happy with the occasional extra income.

This series will cover both. The process is pretty much the same, whether you are going to promote affiliate products or a product or service of your own.

Some experts say have a niche  and some say Keyword Research. You kind of have to do both at the same time. How can you do keyword research if you don't have a niche in mind?  On the other hand the niche you choose needs to be profitable for you.

It's best to research several. If you're just starting out, start with with topics that interest you- either something you're knowledgeable or experienced in or one that you would like to know more about.

Of course you can choose niches that are popular and hot at the moment if you want, but choosing something that you have an interest in will make the learning curve seem shorter and you'll be more likely to stick with it and see it through.

This session, I want you to make a list of at least 10 niches, actually sub-niches, which is a more narrowed down niche.

Start with your favorite hobbies & pastimes.What topics could you imagine speaking or writing on and on about?

Next think of what you have experience in-

  • what jobs have you had
  • what kinds of things have you done in your life- raise children, organize events, care for relatives, overcome some addiction, tragedy, illness, etc.

Then what things would you like to know more about? By now I'm sure that you can gather a huge list of possible niches.

Now, make that list, refine it, narrow it down to 10 or 20. Then pick your keywords. You can use a keyword suggestion tool, or to start, just write down what you would type into the search engines to find info or products in that niche.

When I started out, I signed up for a free trial to Market Samurai, which gives you all kinds of great info on any particular niche. Unless you're making money, you don't have to purchase the program. I firmly believe that you shouldn't spend money (or spend an absolute minimum) unless or until you are making money. There are TON'S of free programs and tools available so you don't need to spend money in the beginning.

Resources –

Market Samurai –  Even aft your free trial is over, you can still use the program for keyword research, but you lose most of the other features.

SEO Chat –  Has a bunch of free tools and several Keyword Tools.

The Challenge – is an annual free event. The Challenge is the new format of The 30 Day Challenge, with ed Dale and Dan Raine. There is no registration needed to participate.

The challenge Team Blog – is where you can get more  tips and share your experiences, successes and pitfalls with others. we encourage everyone to register at the blog, so that you can write your own posts either sharing your experiences, or maybe add some useful  tips to help others.

*** You do not have to be participating in the Challenge in order to write posts for the blog- all that is required is that the topic be relational to those on the blog and that you don't just post to spam links. Any non-relevent posts or spammy posts will be deleted. You CAN place a link or 2 to your site, including affiliate links, in your resource box.


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