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Staying Safe Online- New Series

In light of sites being hacked left and right these days, and more and more phishing sites ( realistic looking fake sites). I am website security Kathypop.comgoing to be doing a series on keeping yourself, your PC, and your site more secure. i will probably publish the tips and resources on a weekly basis, but any breaking news will be published immediately and webinars and trainings will be posted as they come up.

Every day I hear of new ways folks are unknowingly downloading viruses or malware. They go to sites that LOOK just like the real PayPal or whichever site they intended to go to. Or they may get a message on Skype saying they have been compromised and to click on a link to log into their account. Only to find someone hijacked it and are spreading spam or worse, viruses in their name.

That’s just the consumer side of things. There’s also those to hack  ( or crack) into sites and leave links to sites,  do Google's red box of deathdamage, or inject malware so that their visitors download it and spread the viruses to others, or Google sees it first and marks the site “UNSAFE” with the red box of death. What do you think that does to your business reputation?

So I highly recommend that you subscribe to this series, so if there is ANYTHING you need to know immediately, such as new attacks or scams- you will be notified.

This series of posts will help you plug those security holes, educate you so that you, your family, and web visitors will be more secure while online.

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