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Creating a Mission with Small Business Coaching

by George Carmichael

In this difficult economic climate, small businesses all over the world are feeling the pinch. Getting a small business through such difficult times can be daunting; many small business owners are having a tough time staying motivated and even tougher time maintaining a strong mission for their company. A small business coaching program will help you strengthen and clarify your company’s mission. Read More...

A Virtual Personal Assistant Can Solve Your Time Crunch Problems

by Greg Holmes

Yes, it’s true, you can obtain a virtual personal attendant to help you out. It is possible to have someone available whenever needed to do a variety of jobs that you are unable to do on your own. However, you may never even meet face to face with your new assistant. This entire concept may be astounding to you, yet the fact is that these services have gained considerably in popularity recently. Read More...

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