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Hire Virtual Assistants: Why Should You Get One?

by Meagan Gray

Freelance Virtual assistants offer a variety of benefits in comparison to short-term or short-term workers. Beyond the obvious–no payroll taxes, no workers\’ compensation, no temp-agency commission–web assistants tend to be more cost effective , charging on hourly basis. Virtual assistants use telephones and voice-recognition technology to simplify the daily routines of getting messages, returning phone calls and managing appointments. Choosing among the top virtual assistants is dependent on how much you are willing to pay and which services you’d want . Virtual assistants, just like bricks-and-mortar assistants, are certainly not immune. I’m not really talking about about becoming a virtual assistant in general – though that happens too – when a virtual assistant determines she can’t handle the isolation and hangs up her pc. Read More...

Creating a Mission with Small Business Coaching

by George Carmichael

In this difficult economic climate, small businesses all over the world are feeling the pinch. Getting a small business through such difficult times can be daunting; many small business owners are having a tough time staying motivated and even tougher time maintaining a strong mission for their company. A small business coaching program will help you strengthen and clarify your company’s mission. Read More...

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