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More IM “Guru’s” BS!


I caught a few Internet Marketing “Gurus” in a lie recently, so I just have to post a little rant!
I have attended or viewed the replays of several Internet Marketing Guru's webinars during which they told a little lie. It's a small one- just about how long they have used WordPress, but a lie none the less.

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Online Business- Where To Start?

STEP #1 is STOP BUYING THOSE “MUST HAVE” “MAKE 7 FIGURES IN 28 DAYS” PROGRAMS!!!!Stop making THEM rich! Yep- some ones's making money with them and it's most likely not you.

It's also known as Shiny Object Syndrome and you can become an SOB (Shiny Object Buyer). Everything you need to know is available for free somewhere online, if you want to spend the time to look for it,

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Hire Virtual Assistants: Why Should You Get One?

by Meagan Gray

Freelance Virtual assistants offer a variety of benefits in comparison to short-term or short-term workers. Beyond the obvious–no payroll taxes, no workers\’ compensation, no temp-agency commission–web assistants tend to be more cost effective , charging on hourly basis. Virtual assistants use telephones and voice-recognition technology to simplify the daily routines of getting messages, returning phone calls and managing appointments. Choosing among the top virtual assistants is dependent

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Selling on Ebay Why Is An About Me Page Important

by Kimberly Aita

Are you selling on ebay? When you hope to learn how to sell on ebay so you can begin to make money from home there are several steps you can take to become a successful seller on ebay. Creating an about me page is one of the best steps you can take if you truly want to become successful at selling on ebay. Read More...

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Practical Article Marketing Tips – Debunking the Myths


by Harry Constantine

If you want to make it big in article marketing, you have to be aware of its many myths and misconceptions spreading throughout the web. Below are common article marketing myths that need to be run to ground: Read More...

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PLR versus MRR


by Wendy Wood

Internet Marketers will always be looking for rapid methods to give information to their particular market in the most efficient way possible. One way to do this quickly is by getting PLR or MRR rights. One thing though, is that it’s critical you understand why these two are different. When you know the difference you’ll be able to decide which one will work best for you

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How To Increase eBay Sales and Conversions – Make Money


by Thomas Griffin

Long term I always recommend dropshipping from your own website rather than auction and classified websites, mainly because of profit margins. However using auction sites is a great way to build up a customer database and get used to running an online business. eBay is the website of choice for the majority of dropshippers due to the amount of shoppers on eBay, here are 5 really

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Top 10 Tips for Selling on eBay – Home Business


by Thomas Griffin

1. Start Small

If you’re anything like me, once you have a good idea you want to put it into action immediately! Although you probably know in theory that any business takes 12-18 months to become established, somehow you still hope that you can get there in 2! But, one mistake entrepreneurs consistently make is to throw their life’s savings into buying case loads of stock

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Great Market Research for eBay Sellers – What Customers Want

by Thomas Griffin

Making money online is a popular and effective way of achieving a great second income. More and more folks are choosing websites like eBay to achieve their business goals. Selling online seems to be more convenient – in some instances you won’t even have to spend money on buying initial stock and arranging storage space. Your “store” will be open to the widest number of prospects at

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