Celebrating over 40 years as a Business Owner

Online Business- Where To Start?

STEP #1 is STOP BUYING THOSE “MUST HAVE” “MAKE 7 FIGURES IN 28 DAYS” PROGRAMS!!!!Stop making THEM rich! Yep- some ones's making money with them and it's most likely not you.

It's also known as Shiny Object Syndrome and you can become an SOB (Shiny Object Buyer). Everything you need to know is available for free somewhere online, if you want to spend the time to look for it, or join 1 site that teaches it live in webinar format, where you can get immediate answers and help. Read More...

Starting an online business the right way


With the rise of new social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, can blogs still help a business in any way? Even if businesses no longer consider blogs their main online PR tool, many believe that they are indeed still valuable. A lot of companies began to alter their websites just a few years ago, changing them from sites that looked like boring, fact-heavy reproductions of their Annual Reports to places where they and their clients could connect. Much of this exchange of ideas took place on a blog, where new products were announced or responses were made to customer input. Read More...

Do You Know Where To Begin?

Or even how to begin an online business? Have you tried just about every promising money-making program out there only to spend, spend spend- and never earning?

First of all, there is NO magic bullet, or overnight success without having to do a lick of work! Every business, whether on or offline takes w o r k no – time and EFFORT. If you have the money to spare, you could outsouce what you don’t like or know how to do. But, that may not be an option if you have been as piss poor as I had been at one time. Read More...

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