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The All New Challenge ~ Formally The 30DC

Day 1 & 2 of The Challenge

I am really psyched at the changes for this year’s Challenge! The Thirty Day Challenge has a new name , a new look, and a new format.

Last year I never completed the Challenge due to life, and work getting in the way. I found myself getting further and further behind. Ed says this year will be different.

It’s now called The Challenge. It’s new home is at http://challenge.co that’s right.co This year the Challenge will be done in 7 modules which are 7 days long, with a 7 day long break in between each module. Ed Dale says that each day watching the video and completing the day’s task will take no more than 30 mins.

It started on July 1st, with Pre Challenge videos. Ed gave an overview of how it’s going to work this year, and there were videos introducing the new site, forum, and blog. They will be having a job board this year, which is cool. Today there were videos on how to use the site, how to download content & videos, how to download files to your iPad or iPhone, and an introduction to Market Samurai that once again will be a key tool in this year’s Challenge

I spent the evening signing up in the forum, forming a team as well as a group, and making a few posts. I hope to get together w/a couple people this weekend that were interested in joining the Team, nothing formal- just a get to know each other/ virtual 4th of July BBQ. Hopefully working with a group will keep me focused and able to stick w/ it this year.

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