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Keys T SuccessI'm glad you dropped by. I hope to bring you useful tool and resources with starting an online business, just making a little extra cash, or maybe some tips to improve your computer knowledge. In November 2008 this site was hacked, so I had to re-build it. I thought it would be a great opportunity  to make some changes to the site, so please be patient while I do this. Any feedback of what you'd like to see would be greatly appreciated. Check back often to See what new free online trainings are available.

In the Business Tips and news page, you will find:

  • Free or very Low Cost software and other useful tools
  • How to videos- on computing, graphics, web design, online business, & more
  • FREE downloads- whatever I find that could be useful for your business or help your computer run better.
  • For those wishing to build their list, get resell products or just get freebies, I'll list the latest Giveaway Events. It's one of the ways I got started online. I'll post how I did that another day.
  • Tips and advise on  web hosting, buying domains, understanding your C-Panel, how to plan your website.
  • Tips and resources for running a profitable business on a manageable budget. No more chasing that next “must have or you'll never succeed” system.

 Trying to do it all on your own can be daunting, if you find yourself stuck, stop into any of our free Q & A webinars and we'll try to help you out. If you find you need coaching or training in particular area, please contact me. Together we can determine what you need to be successful. I don't BS people, if I find that you could benefit from another person, I will gladly refer you to them.

Need personal help? Don't want to do it yourself or need help in how to get started? Contact me for a free consultation  Being prepared can drastically reduce your consulting or coaching fees, so please send as much information as you think necessary. You'll find a short list on the contact form page.


Build Your OWN Business ~ NOT Someone Else's

Why build up someone else's business instead of your own? That's exactly what you are doing when you join an MLM or sell through an affiliate program. I know many people who have and are making a good income from them, but they work very hard at getting and keeping their downline or promoting products. There's nothing passive about network marketing. In order to retain folks that sign up, you as their sponsor, need to provide them with ongoing training and support. Or they'll just leave & go onto the next promise to make BIG money for little or no work program.

When your downline and affiliates are successful, then you will be too. you will also spend less time recruiting newcomers. if you don't build a solid foundation, then when you stop, your downline will dwindle away. Still, if people are earning a good income from this- how much more is the company earning?

Now, which would you rather be, the player on a baseball team or the owner? I don't like having all my eggs in one basket so I do kathypop.comboth. I have my own businesses and I also promote affiliate products.

The way I see it is I have my main businesses of webhosting and consulting/coaching/ mentoring. I sell my own products and those w/ resell rights or private label rights on my sites plus affiliate products are to bring in a little extra cash and build my list. I no longer participate in MLMs or downline building programs, but if you are interested I have some great contacts that I can refer you to.

The sites I join must have products or services that will help me in MY business. Any downline I happen to build, I see as a bonus. I would rather spend my time and energy building my business.

A few years ago, I was a member of a site where there was a problem with the services they offered- they became buggy and unstable and support just was swamped and it took quite a while to get things somewhat resolved. I lost my entire downline because of it and so did many others. The communication broke down between the company and it's members.

Because they are backed by some big names, they were able to do some quick promotions and recoup their losses- great for them. For the rest of us the issues were slowly being resolved and our business reputations were damaged. I dropped out shortly thereafter. I could no longer use their product which had become unreliable.

The company itself had attained a bad reputation from that fiasco and is now making changes to turn that around – or so I had hoped, but it seems that they are more interested in collecting our monthly fees and using the launch of new programs to milk money out of their existing members all in the name of “useful internet marketing bstools that will add value to your business”.   What a bunch of …….

From here, go check out what free or low-cost trainings are available. or maybe find some useful tips to use.

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