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Just Who The Hell Is Kathy Pop?

Hi There! from Kathy Pop

Why no photo of me? Scroll down to find out why. ( OK, so I caved!)

kathy popWhat can I do for you? As you can tell by the title, I don't sugar-coat things. Whether consulting with a client or teaching an online class, I say just how I see things, with none of the hype or BS that a lot of others do. I absolutely hate sales letters. I've worked in the mental health and marketing fields, so I know that they're just designed w/ a lot of BS psychological strategies, just to get people to buy – and buy it NOW!

In June 2012, I will be entering my 39th year as an Entrepreneur. There were times when I worked full time jobs and worked for myself part time, but most of the time I worked solely for myself. Scroll down for the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say.

When I come to a sales page I…

  1. Look at the product and see if it's something that could be useful to me. I want to know HOW it works, then I can decide whether it is a good product for me. I really dislike the ones that keep it secretive!
  2. Then I scroll down to the price. Even if the price is high I may still on to
  3. checking the list of features and benefits, realizing that it IS a sales page and may be hyped up a bit.
  4. I skip testimonials- many are given in exchange for a very low price or even free, and other methods that have absolutely nothing to do with happy customers. It's a marketing tactic, that's all for the majority of them.
  5. i usually skip the hype “story” of how this product save tons of money or time for the seller- think they would say otherwise?
  6. Based on what it does, and has Master Resell or better yet Private Label Rights and a price I think is good then I will buy it.

I've been to several conferences on recruiting and sales where I have spoken up on how I look at sales pages and speaker's eyes widened, like I let the cat out of the bag. I was then told that I was in the minority. I guess I'm not an ideal customer for many marketers, oh well!

I conduct business in much the same way. I've been through several rip-off programs and “systems” and I hope to eliminate that experience for others. I tell it like I see it and think people deserve the truth. I am not overly opinionated, but I don't sugar coat, sell them crap they don't really need, or hype things up. I'll only recommend tools I know would be useful, giving you the pros and the cons so you can decide for yourself.

So, Why no Photo, You ask?

Many folks have asked me why there are no photos of me on the Web. So, here's the story. One evening I decides to try Co-Ed Naked Conferencing and suddenly my WebCam lept from my desk and suddenly burst into flames as it hurled itself into the floor. I've been so traumatized that I could never let that happen to any other camera.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it for now ;-D ……. I'll reveal the real reason in a webinar sometime.

UPDATE:  ALRIGHT already, I give –  because of social pressure, I finally uploaded a photo- not a good one. I'm going to have a new one taken soon and will upload it when it's been done.



The Rest Of The Story


I turned 54 years old in 2012 and am originally from Western Mass. In 2007 I moved to San Antonio, Texas with Murphy my 10 year old Lab/ Rottie/ Shepard mix, who adapted to the move much better than I thought.

I am pretty much self-taught as far as computers, home and auto repair, etc. if I want to know how to do something, I will either get a how-to book, take a class, or in the case of auto repair- hire someone to teach me. since I always helped people with their problems, my mother used to call me the Dear Abbey of the neighborhood. As a teen, I was in 4-H. First for crafts, then in a dog club. I hired myself out as a dog trainer and did tune-ups, oil changes, & simple car repairs while I went to college for Vet  & Animal Science. During my last semester, my best friend was the lone survivor of a triple homicide. I became pre-occupied with that and helping her recover that I decided to take an incomplete.

During the next 4 years, I worked 3rd shift at a few convenient stores, and became the Service Writer at a local Sears Auto dept. I continued dog training, auto repairs, and even was a back-up dancer for a Belly Dancer’s dance troupe. I also helped with taking care of my mother, and grandparents an aunt and uncle as they needed it, from about age 16 years old.

For several years, I earned a living as a Psychic Reader and owned a shop where I had over a dozen readers and instructors. I taught courses and workshops on trusting your intuition, developing psychic abilities, psychic/ spiritual healing, and the Law Of Abundance. I had taught the principles of “The Secret” long before it became known as that. I had also organized and coordinated Psychic fairs complete with press releases.

I became a single mom to my son David in Oct.1985. I continued to teach and do readings until 1988, when I thought that as I was a single parent, I would be better to have a job with benefits and health insurance. I enrolled in a local community college and completed their certificate program as a Mental Health Worker. I also became the Human Rights Officer for the clients that I worked with as a Mental Health Specialist. It was my responsibility to to see to it that their personal and basic Human Rights were upheld (as well as reporting the agency for not giving them their total money they were entitled to). I enjoyed that position. I’ve always been that 1 person to get involved whenever I saw anyone being bullied or taken advantage of. Too bad, more people won’t do it. I took a leave of absence in July 1996, when my father was in his final few months from cancer.

My father had been sick with Lymphoma, but continued to run a neighborhood bar and small commercial and residential building. I had quit my job to help him in his final months and learned the business of running the bar/restaurant & property management. he continued to work right up til a week before he died in Oct of ‘96. I continued on with running the bar and the property until 2003. That’s when I became a full time Mystery Shopper and Merchandiser. I started doing consulting work on the side. Actually, I had started doing consulting while I still had the bar. I was often asked by other owners and managers about managing employee theft and behavior on the job ( Like drinking). I trained a few people to mystery shop their business. I would also help them in health code training until the state made it mandatory for at least 1 person be Serv Safe certified.

In the last couple years, I’ve become a web host provider, eBay Trading Assistant, and Consultant. I also have several web conference rooms that I use to help others get started in their own online businesses. I use one as my “virtual office” and use 2 others to teach in- one for free classes and one for paid courses, which I have found some wonderful people to join me with their own special areas of knowledge.

I may not have gotten my degree, but I have never stopped attending classes, trainings or continuing my education somehow- even online. With the affordability and advances in online conferencing software- the sky’s the limit. I absolutely LOVE it! I wouldn’t care if I never go into a physical classroom again. I’ve learned more and quicker than I ever did in school or college. There are just SO MANY good resources out there and many talented individuals willing to teach/coach/ and mentor others. I hope to follow in their footsteps.

Contact me by any of the following methods in order of preferred methods  .

Skype me:  kathy.pop

Facebook: http://facebook.com/kathypop

Facebook Page: https://kathypop.com/like

Phone 210-401-4447



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