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There are 2 ways to ensure this, Get a coach or join a mastermind group


Join a mastermind today!Unless you are super disciplined staying focused and on track can seem to be nearly impossible for most of us. Have you ever been busy all day and then wonder where the day went and your to-do list is just as big as it was in the morning?

Are you Crystal Clear on your business- what you do, who is your ideal client or customer? When you give your “elevator speech” to people do they get a clear picture of what you do and for who in under a minute AND in a way that they totally understand?

Are “bumps in the road” like technology or social marketing preventing or keeping you from moving forward?

How would you like to be able to tap into the knowledge & expertise of other small business owners whenever you need to?

Would you like to have the tools and resources to becoming super productive, laser focused, get more done in much less time? Our group has built-in accountability as well as some awesome tools to help you.

This is a traditional mastermind where everyone participates. We work as a team all helping each other to achieve or even exceed their goals. I would like the group to get together at least once before we officially start so that we can all get to know each other better and that we'll already have a team bond started when we do start.

What can you expect of being in Small Business Mastermind?

  • Get solutions to challenges that may have been stunting the growth of your business
  • Become super clear & laser focused on your business so you can create steady growth
  • Accountability, so you can stay focused, on task & get more done
  • Set strong goals and create doable action and marketing plans
  • Get your creative juices flowing by brainstorming with others
  • Benefit from the experience and expertise of others in the group. I have learned so much from what others shared.
  • The ability to accomplish more in 3 months than you may have in an entire year
  • Sharpen your business skills, expand your knowledge and shorten your learning curve by months or even years.
  • Each person will have an opportunity to be in the profit seat (hot seat) once a month.
  • We will have a private group to connect and brainstorm with between meetings either in FB, LinkedIn.

The mastermind is limited to 6 members. This allows everyone to get to know and trust each other and form a close-knit bond where everyone can share openly and honestly with each other. It also gives each member time to get help their challenges and receive feedback.

 We meet for 75 – 90 minutes twice a month for three months. I run several groups, so days/ time will be different for each oneOur MasterMind Group get results!. Each member will get a quick check-in call on the off weeks to see if you are on track or need help.
 There is a monthly training/ Q & A? or discussion roundtable and members are encouraged to lead at least one & share their knowledge, experience, & skills. 


Why 3 Months?

A mastermind needs consistency in order to function effectively. It takes time for people to trust others and be able to be completely transparent. Ideally, I would like to see a one-year commitment, but I think 90 days gives people a chance to see if this is for them or not.

When Does The Next Mastermind Start?

 New Mastermind groups start the first week of every quarter or sooner if there's enough people. If there are openings in an existing group, you can inquire about joining one of those.

BONUS #1–  Everyone contacting me will get a 60 minute coaching (REAL coaching Not a sales call) call with me where we'll design a solid action plan for the upcoming months for your business- even if you decide not to join the mastermind group. 

How much does it cost & how do I join?

First, there is a small investment. The problem with free mastermind groups is that members tend not to value it and feel free to skip meetings without giving it a second thought. When a fee is involved, people make a greater effort into attending and are more likely to take action. For this group, the investment is only $498 for 90 days or pay $169 in 3 monthly payments.

 BONUS #2-  Join for a year and pay only $1,495 ( saving $497) and receive a Mini VIP Day. That's a $1,997 value.

 I host monthly tasters called Wine Conversations, & Connections To be invited, schedule a short call or choose from a time below


My name is Kathy Pop and I am a Small Business Coach & Trainer. I have 40 Kathy Pop- Small Business Coach & Traineryears experience as a business owner and have run many masterminds since the early 80's. I have experience in both marketing as well as the techie side of business.

You can connect with me on

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