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Professional Services

Our time is valuable! Which is why I prefer live voice interaction over email and text chat. I think so MUCH more can be accomplished in the same amount of time conversing in a voice chat than a text chat or waiting for an email. If you really want to do it by email, I can accommodate you.

You can choose from these options for our meeting:

  1. Using one of my web training rooms. The session can be recorded and we can each show our desktops so we can immediately resolve any issue at hand.
  2. Skype, same as above. Recording the desktop sharing is not as easy, but you don’t have to log into anything else, just start a call.
  3. Google Hangout, there’s screen sharing, voice, and it’s automatically recorded. I believe that as long as it’s not broadcasted, it remains private.
  4. Phone, again recording takes extra steps and we cannot share our screens.
    And my LEAST favorite methods and ones I do not recommend are:
  5. Gmail chat or Facebook messaging.
  6. eMail

Some of the most common consultations I do are

  • Website review of the client’s site
  • Installing or managing their website
  • Email campaigns and setting up an autoresponder. Creating opt-ins
  • Creating a business plan or action plan
  • Long and short term goal setting
  • Brainstorming new strategies or products.
  • Traffic generation strategies
  • Trouble-shooting, are you stuck or not seeing your desired results?
  • Help selecting the right web hosting, autoresponder, or choosing business tools and services.
  • Creating and managing Business pages for social media sites.
  • Creating/ finding/ using graphics.
  • And more!

One Important Thing

I have one main requirement before I work with someone. That is we have a phone or voice conversation, at no charge, to determine what your needs truly are and in what way I can help you. I want to make sure we are a good match before we get started. So, ready to get started? Just pick a time and date on the calendar for us to speak to each other and specify if you prefer phone or Skype. You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions, which will have some questions for you to answer, so we can make the most of our meeting.

For those that just need training

I have a web hosting business, Lazer Web Hosting, in which I provide all my new hosting clients with a Hosting Bootcamp where they learn about their CPanel and how to manage their hosting account.

You have a choice of either a 2-day weekend online workshop, or 3 day weekday workshop, so you can choose the one that best fits your schedule.


I also have a weekly training group, where we focus mainly on tackling the techie side ( The how-to) of business, but we also cover marketing strategies. These are strictly no-pitch training sessions.

I remember when I got my first hosting account. There was no tutorials or help available except for a Humongous tutorial for C-panel that was all tech-speak. It was long and often hard to read. It took me some time before I really got going. I want to help make it easy and fun for my clients.

NEW! Coming Soon- MasterMind/ Brainstorming Group

Starting at the end of June I’ll be having a Brainstorming  group, which meets weekly. It will consist mostly of Q & A and sharing our favorites tools and resources. As a group, we can learn from each other and share what’s working and what isn’t, while gaining some very useful feedback that we can pu into action immediately.

This will be a private group where we can openly share the highs and lows of our businesses. Anything that is discussed in these meetings is confidential and stays within the group. I want the members to feel secure and be able to be totally open and honest.


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