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Well Equipped Your Online Store For Up Coming Christmas 2009. A Month-by-month Cheat-sheet


Without realizing, we are only five months away from most awaiting Christmas. From October to December it is the greatest shopping time of the year. People are equipped to spend money and throw caution to the wind so that they can find the best holiday gifts for family and friends. A huge number of us are thinking how we can take advantage of the holidays and earn a little money for ourselves to assist us for the holidays. Read More...

How To Increase eBay Sales and Conversions – Make Money


by Thomas Griffin

Long term I always recommend dropshipping from your own website rather than auction and classified websites, mainly because of profit margins. However using auction sites is a great way to build up a customer database and get used to running an online business. eBay is the website of choice for the majority of dropshippers due to the amount of shoppers on eBay, here are 5 really simple ways to increase your conversions (auction listing visitors becoming buyers). Read More...

Top 10 Tips for Selling on eBay – Home Business


by Thomas Griffin

1. Start Small

If you’re anything like me, once you have a good idea you want to put it into action immediately! Although you probably know in theory that any business takes 12-18 months to become established, somehow you still hope that you can get there in 2! But, one mistake entrepreneurs consistently make is to throw their life’s savings into buying case loads of stock – before they even know how eBay works. It’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security on eBay after buying just one or two items. For buyers, eBay is meant to be user friendly. For sellers, things are a little more complicated. All powersellers agree that there are new things to be learned all the time and you’ll be surprised at how much more you know after several months selling small, inexpensive items. Read More...

Great Market Research for eBay Sellers – What Customers Want

by Thomas Griffin

Making money online is a popular and effective way of achieving a great second income. More and more folks are choosing websites like eBay to achieve their business goals. Selling online seems to be more convenient – in some instances you won’t even have to spend money on buying initial stock and arranging storage space. Your “store” will be open to the widest number of prospects at any time of the day and any day of the week. Read More...

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