Celebrating over 40 years as a Business Owner

Get Your Business Ready For An Awesome & Profitable New Year!

Are you ready to make 2015 the most profitable year yet? Have you laid out your short & long-term goals and marketing plans yet?  How about one of you most precious tools – your computer, do you do any regular maintenance for it, to keep it in top running condition? Read More...

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Using Webinars To Enhance Business Meetings and Increase Sales

Web Conferencing

Webinars or Web Conferencing is no longer limited to large corporations. There are many affordable options out there and several free ones that have similar features as the paid ones.

 Should you be using web conferencing? if you have a business, especially an online one, you probably could benefit from it. if you promote products or services, collaborate w/ others, conduct trainings, or even have family that are spread out

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Online Business ~ KeyWords

Now that you have your list, it's time to see what keyword phrase you can use. My advise is to not get too hung up on keywords/ keyphrases and the numbers in the software. I have known folks to have a profitable site using keyphrases that said there weren't enough stats business woman making moneyto report on. Read More...

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Google Analytics- Is It Accurate?


I looked at my site's stats in Google Analytics and boy were they low! So I decided to test it.

I Google this and found many posts that say that Google under reports, but none that did a test like I did on 2 different GA accounts/ same websites. Read More...

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I Hate Writing Articles – Is Not There An Easier Way?


by Robert M. Eastman


Proudly owning, running and sustaining an internet based enterprise or a website needs articles. Plain and simple, every person who has a site is aware of this. Even those who don’t have sites however are frequent internet users know this as well. Articles quench the thirst for data and knowledge of the people. Plus, the articles offers many different benefits for the site. Read

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Power Your Help Desk with Free Help Desk Software

To make sure your help desk staff can competently manage calls, chats, organize trouble tickets and complaint mails, utilize a help desk software in your company. It doesn’t matter whether you operate a big or small company, because this will cut costs which is one of the essential solutions to maximize profit. Employing free help desk software will modernized the support customer processes for your business. It is very tough

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Free Autoresponders- Part 2

Yesterday we looked at some self-hosted scripts. Today we’ll concentrate on third-party services which have FREE accounts.

Free Autoresponder services- not just a free trial

There are several autoresponder services out there that offer a free account- NOT just a free trial, but a FREE account. Read More...

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Free Autoresponders- Part 1

I have researched this on and off since 2005, and there are some good FREE autoresponders available.

There are 2 types of autoresponder software- one you install and host on your server and those that are a service that you sign up for. Read More...

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Practical Article Marketing Tips – Debunking the Myths


by Harry Constantine

If you want to make it big in article marketing, you have to be aware of its many myths and misconceptions spreading throughout the web. Below are common article marketing myths that need to be run to ground: Read More...

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Well Equipped Your Online Store For Up Coming Christmas 2009. A Month-by-month Cheat-sheet


Without realizing, we are only five months away from most awaiting Christmas. From October to December it is the greatest shopping time of the year. People are equipped to spend money and throw caution to the wind so that they can find the best holiday gifts for family and friends. A huge number of us are thinking how we can take advantage of the holidays and earn a little

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