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Are you ready to make 2015 the most profitable year yet? Have you laid out your short & long-term goals and marketing plans yet?  How about one of you most precious tools – your computer, do you do any regular maintenance for it, to keep it in top running condition?

That's what this series will cover. If you are anything like me, you may have set some awesome goals, projects, ideas, but failed to complete them. I have FAR too many ideas and plans than I realistically have time for. Sound familiar?

This topic came up in a Mastermind group that I have. We all seem to be in the same boat, so I did some research and Time To Start Sign Meaning To Commence Immediatelyfound some helpful tools and resources. I also edited a Progress Tracker that we use to include monthly and quarterly goals as well.We also gave each other permission to call each other on our shit. The Progress Tracker is sort of a weekly diary of our progress and stumbling blocks.

First things first”

Are you crystal clear about what you do? Can you explain it in under a minute to someone so that they fully get what you are saying? Or are you using buzz words or niche jargon and people are still puzzled and haven't got a clue as toSo, what do you do??? what it is you do or for whom?

The only way is to practice it on people. I thought I was quite clear, but after giving my “elevator speech” I found that people still weren't quite sure.

For me, it's

” You know how most training courses and even many coaches help you with the marketing strategies, but they don't help you with the “HOW to do it” part? I see people feeling lost, frustrated, and stressed because of this because they feel that their puzzle has a few missing pieces and it does. I help small business owners tackle those technical challenges that have been preventing them from fitting all those pieces together so they have a working system that will get more clients and can make more money.”

I think this is clear, please let me know wither way in the comments.

So, what do you do?

Who is your ideal client or customer?

What makes you different?


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