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It’s Tricks and Hacks Saturday- Updated

Ask Kathy Pop

UPDATE  This was originally posted Feb 7, 2009. Not much has changed except for Windows. I still use many of the same tools that I did in 2009.

I found some more cool stuff on YouTube. There are a few things you should do on a regular basis- at least once a week.I use Avast Anti-Virus. It’s a free program and has caught more things than any other that

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Registry Cleaners Will Provide Numerous Benefits


by Troy Mccarthy

Registry cleaners are special software programs that help resolve problems with the Windows operating system. These software programs will help in removing items that are either unwanted or redundant and in this way restores the Windows registry to its proper state. Though it pays to use such software, there are nevertheless many that argue that they are not necessary or even useful. Read More...

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FREE Registry Cleaners: Improving PC Performance

Is your PC running slow? Are programs, files taking a long time to load? Need a little more space on your hard drive? If you never done it, it’s time to clean out those temp files and get rid of broken and corrupt registry files. The good news is that there’s FREE software that will do the trick! Read More...

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Blogs ~ Hosting Your Own! the Best Way To Go!


Blogs that you install on your own server are by far the best way to go! Yes, you have to purchase a domain, and pay either a small monthly or annual hosting fee-BUT the benefits are fantastic! You can get very good inexpensive hosting if you do some homework. Read More...

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Hosting- Windows Or Linux?

Which type of hosting is better? Many folks may choose Windows- after all, you’re familiar w/ it right?- Welllll, it’s not the same Windows you’re used to, it’s Windows for Servers.

They need to be rebooted daily and have similar issues that you might have w/ your version of Windows. Read More...

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Free Web Editors that make site building EZ

There are 2 really nice free programs that are great for allowing the beginner to create professional websites.

One is NetObjects Essentials
Essentals is version 7  and of NetObjects Fusion. NetObjects has decided to make one of their older versions free as a marketing promotion. Read More...

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My Experience With Expert WordPress

recently used Expert WordPress on one of my blogs. I REALLY like it!


I found that the ONLY benefit of EWP was that you can install your blog from a zipped file. You still have to create the database info and edit the wp-config file as you would during the normal installation. Read More...

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Well, It’s Tricks and Hacks Saturday

Sorry, I almost forgot to post this today. My partners and I are getting ready to launch a site and I lost track of time.

I found some more cool stuff on YouTube. I also found a forum that has post aft post of PC tricks to do w/ images. First, here are some useful ones. there are a few thigs you should do on a regular basis- at least

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