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My Experience With Expert WordPress

recently used Expert WordPress on one of my blogs. I REALLY like it!


I found that the ONLY benefit of EWP was that you can install your blog from a zipped file. You still have to create the database info and edit the wp-config file as you would during the normal installation.

It’s BS that you HAVE to upgrade in order to learn to promote your blog or learn SEO or anything they offer. There are PLENTY of free tutorials, plugins, videos, and even live webinars available, if you need a list of resources please put your request in the comment section below. I will be happy to help you.

One really nice feature is the ability to customize the theme w/o having to edit the code. That is probably my favorite and most useful.

If you want a plugin that makes optimizing your blog a breeze, download the Underground Training Labs – Traffic Getting plugin.

In July I will be teaching a basic course on WP and I an looking for volunteer students that will attend the training for free in exchange for giving me feedback and possibly a testimonial.

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