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I recently stepped up as Organizer for 3 Meetup groups here in San Antonio.

I hope to bring value to these groups in the form of trainings, brainstorming ideas & solutions, networking. I welcome all feedback from members about what they want to accomplish, learn, help them through the rough spots, and celebrate small & large successes with them. I want to know what we can do to make these groups the best Meetup groups yet!

I know how difficult rushing around to get to meetings can be, so I will be offering online meetups as well as in-person ones. Even if you are not here in San Antonio, feel free to join any of these groups and attend the online meetings. All you have to do is click on any of the group names above to go to their home page.

I often have clients who need a service in an area that would be better off with another professional and I hope that a member in one of these groups could fill the shoes. I would love to joint venture with them whenever possible. I'm a big believer in “hiring from within” an organization before looking outside. It would be wonderful if we could refer each other to our clients or customers, so getting to know as many members as I can is one of my main goals.


We are also looking for Individuals and companies to sponsor our groups. It does not have to be an out of pocket expense. You could support us by a monetary donation, supplying meeting venue, supplying food or beverages, giving special member discounts, donating supplies, etc.

This could be a very lucrative partnership for all involved. Click the image below and schedule a call today.

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