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Well, It’s Tricks and Hacks Saturday

Sorry, I almost forgot to post this today. My partners and I are getting ready to launch a site and I lost track of time.

I found some more cool stuff on YouTube. I also found a forum that has post aft post of PC tricks to do w/ images. First, here are some useful ones. there are a few thigs you should do on a regular basis- at least once a week.I use Avast Anti-Virus. It’s a free program and has caught more things than any other that I have used. The two below are also free programs and are among the best out there free or paid programs.

  1. One is to run CCleaner which is a system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system.
  2. Run Malwarebytes – is an anti-malware application that can thoroughly remove even the most advanced malware. They also have some other very useful utilities, and many are free.
  3. Do a Defrag , will put fragmented files back together and help speed up your computer since it won’t spend more resources looking for bits of files that could be spread all over your computer.

Microsoft Windows Tutorials : How to Defragment a Hard Drive


Troubleshoot with Windows Task Manager

This video shows you how to make stubborn programs stop running, speed up your PC’s startup, and more.


Here’s one that will help speed up your desktop, how to close multiple windows at once, and more.

New, Simple & Useful Windows XP Tips ‘n’ Tricks



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