Celebrating over 40 years as a Business Owner

Free Autoresponders- Part 1

I have researched this on and off since 2005, and there are some good FREE autoresponders available.

There are 2 types of autoresponder software- one you install and host on your server and those that are a service that you sign up for. Read More...

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Hire Virtual Assistants: Why Should You Get One?

by Meagan Gray

Freelance Virtual assistants offer a variety of benefits in comparison to short-term or short-term workers. Beyond the obvious–no payroll taxes, no workers\’ compensation, no temp-agency commission–web assistants tend to be more cost effective , charging on hourly basis. Virtual assistants use telephones and voice-recognition technology to simplify the daily routines of getting messages, returning phone calls and managing appointments. Choosing among the top virtual assistants is dependent

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Creating a Mission with Small Business Coaching

by George Carmichael

In this difficult economic climate, small businesses all over the world are feeling the pinch. Getting a small business through such difficult times can be daunting; many small business owners are having a tough time staying motivated and even tougher time maintaining a strong mission for their company. A small business coaching program will help you strengthen and clarify your company’s mission. Read More...

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Selling on Ebay Why Is An About Me Page Important

by Kimberly Aita

Are you selling on ebay? When you hope to learn how to sell on ebay so you can begin to make money from home there are several steps you can take to become a successful seller on ebay. Creating an about me page is one of the best steps you can take if you truly want to become successful at selling on ebay. Read More...

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Practical Article Marketing Tips – Debunking the Myths


by Harry Constantine

If you want to make it big in article marketing, you have to be aware of its many myths and misconceptions spreading throughout the web. Below are common article marketing myths that need to be run to ground: Read More...

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Starting an online business the right way


With the rise of new social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, can blogs still help a business in any way? Even if businesses no longer consider blogs their main online PR tool, many believe that they are indeed still valuable. A lot of companies began to alter their websites just a few years ago, changing them from sites that looked like boring, fact-heavy reproductions of their Annual Reports

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Well Equipped Your Online Store For Up Coming Christmas 2009. A Month-by-month Cheat-sheet


Without realizing, we are only five months away from most awaiting Christmas. From October to December it is the greatest shopping time of the year. People are equipped to spend money and throw caution to the wind so that they can find the best holiday gifts for family and friends. A huge number of us are thinking how we can take advantage of the holidays and earn a little

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PLR versus MRR


by Wendy Wood

Internet Marketers will always be looking for rapid methods to give information to their particular market in the most efficient way possible. One way to do this quickly is by getting PLR or MRR rights. One thing though, is that it’s critical you understand why these two are different. When you know the difference you’ll be able to decide which one will work best for you

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Just Who The Hell Owns The Content You Upload To The Web?


Re-posted from May 2009

I thought that this topic was important enough to post again!

My post on who actually owns the content once you upload it to a site like MySpace, FaceBook, or even attachments in you gmail has been lost. So here is a short post on the topic. Read More...

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5 Facts About Customer Service On The Internet

by Richard Leen

The quality of the internet e-tail service is the real thing that a e-tail business should keep in view. However, firms face several problems in understanding the context of web based commerce. Current notions of service quality and delivering quality service are based largely on research and managerial experience in conventional contexts where customers can physically examine and interact with the products they purchase. In contrast, the

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