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Just Who The Hell Owns The Content You Upload To The Web?


Re-posted from May 2009

I thought that this topic was important enough to post again!

My post on who actually owns the content once you upload it to a site like MySpace, FaceBook, or even attachments in you gmail has been lost. So here is a short post on the topic.

Is whatever information you put online vulnerable to be misused? And who owns it once it’s online? You just might be quite surprised at the answer.

FaceBook was in the news earlier this year because they changed their TOS or Terms Of Service. Due to the public’s outrage (and much bad press) they had temporarily gone back to their old TOS.

Here’s the original newscast on CNN in late Feb on this issue

FaceBook Owns You!

Even though FaceBook states that they would not use our content and info in any manner that we would object to, but what happens if they are sold or just shut down altogether? Then what?

Facebook Backtracks on Terms of Use


What does this mean if you post a poem or song you’ve written? How will our rights be protected. Even though you are still the owner of your content, you give them the License to use it freely, when you agree to the TOS or Terms Of Use as it is called on some sites.

On the lighter side:

A Slap In The Facebook
This is really cute.
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