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Is There ANY Truth In Marketing Anymore?


OK, I just need to vent a little.

I recently began to actively look for work on Free Lancer when my dog became disabled. And OMG some of the jobs that are posted there are making me feel disappointed in doing business online.

There are dozens of job postings wanting people to create multiple ( anywhere from 100-1000) YouTube, FB, etc accounts using different IP addresses and become a fan, or rate a video and even create testimonials.

Has it really become just a number’s game? I’d hate to think this is what it’s all about. When you see a FaceBook Fan Page, how do you know if they earned those fans or are they just bought and paid for.

What does this do for their reputations? How do you know who are using these techniques and who are doing it ethically and honestly? Would you continue to trust them if you found that they are buying fans/ ratings/reviews/and testimonials.

I also saw those replying for lead generation jobs willing to sell their list. Do they know anything about the Canned Spam Act? I hope my name is not on any of those lists.

How do those of us that want to get results in an honest and ethical way compete? I want to know that my FB Fans are there because they chose to become fans or rated my videos because they liked them.

If there’s a way to “cheat the system” You can find a job post for it.

What do you think about this? Would you buy “fans, ratings, reviews, views, subscribers”? Do you care how you get them?

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