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Malware Warning – Go Daddy hit with another attack

GoDaddy Hit Again!

I wanted to forward a warning that I received from my good freind Regina Smola of WP Security Lock. Many websites hosted at GoDaddy were hit with a malware yesterday. If you host at Godaddy, please check your websites as soon as possible to make sure they’re clean.

At this point, it’s unclear whether the attacks were just at Godaddy or not. The sites hit were mainly PHP sites like WordPress.

I hope that you were not affected, but if you were and need help, please contact Regina or myself. If I get enough responses, I will hold a special Q & A webinar either to help folks fix their sites or about how to keep their sites more secure.

Also, Go Daddy’s Security Team has released a statement to advise you to change your FTP passwords.

You can read Regina’s post for more details and the statement from GoDaddy here:

Regina is awesome! She usually holds at least one webinar a month that are open to all on being more security conscious and how to better protect ourselves. Occasionally she is one of our guest speakers- we call them Slap A Hacker parties, We always have a great time. She usually has some great guest speakers and always hands out prizes. be sure to sign up for the next one.


If you use admin as a username -Please CHANGE IT Immediately! I have researched this after a business associate’s hosting account was hacked. I personally tried a couple of the techniques hackers use, and with one of them- I was able to gain entry to the admin area of 3 out of 8 sites within 1 min 45 seconds! Solely because they had admin as the username. That’s a scary.

I’ll be posting about my findings in an upcoming post.

In the meantime, educate yourself on security and keep your sites and your site’s visitors safe.

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