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More IM “Guru’s” BS!

I caught a few Internet Marketing “Gurus” in a lie recently, so I just have to post a little rant!
I have attended or viewed the replays of several Internet Marketing Guru's webinars during which they told a little lie. It's a small one- just about how long they have used WordPress, but a lie none the less.

If they are lying about something as insignificant as that- what other BS are they trying to feed us?

They are selling a course on WordPress and they stated that they have been using WordPress since the late 90's and one said since 1997. What BS!

I took a minute to check when WordPress was released and right there on WordPress‘ about page in the very first sentence“WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code”

I don't know about you, but I really don't give a rat's ass about how long they have been using WP. I have learned many things from those who have been using it under a year as well as from those who have several years experience. I have also taught and helped a few people that have been using WP for over 3 years with their site because they still don't know much more than creating posts and pages.

Length of time they have used it is not the important issue- it's HOW well do they know how to use it that is.

Their little white lie has cost these men my respect.

My advise to you – if you HAVE to build yourself up- do your homework first. If you are including names, dates, products, places, etc – make sure your facts are correct.

But why build yourself up in the first place. if you know your stuff, your presentation and ability to answer questions will speak volumes.

internet marketing bsHype may sell initially, but honesty and ethical marketing practices will win you customers for life!

If hype and BS'ing people is what it takes in order to be successful- then I'll be the first to get the hell out! I'd rather live out my life with my self-respect and dignity than sell out to the almighty dollar. I absolutely know there are others out there that feel the same way. I just hope that ethical marketing practices will become the norm and folks will balk at the phonies.

So PLEASE- STOP THE HYPE AND THE BullShitting! Be yourselves and not try to be some hyped-up phony. And stop purchasing from those who continue in this manner. There's a lot more to life than just financial riches.

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