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Play The Prosperity Game- Change Your Life

My friend Lael, showed me a cool site, Choosing Prosperity. They have an awesome header and a free game- the Prosperity Game.

The purpose of the game is to change your mindset, think more positively, and attract abundance into your life. It’s actually a mind exercise designed in an interactive game format. the concept is similar to that of Mind Movies, or  daily Affirmations.

back in the early 80′s, I taught workshops on the Law of Attraction and Abundance. I taught people how to heal themselves and bring more balance into their lives.making money online

I had learned long ago that thoughts are things and things have energy- just like our bodies do. I know that what we believe , how we think can and does influence our lives. negative people attract more negativity, whereas positive folks attract light and abundance into their lives.

I know all too well how difficult it is to be in a positive and receptive mindset when you’re surrounded by negative people and events. I had been in that environment for about 18 out of the last 22 months. My health has suffered, and even my dog had some health issues. I had done guided meditation and imagery, but nothing worked until after I left my former home and left behind the negative people in my life.

Once I moved away from that situation, things changed- dramatically. My dog who had a huge tumor on her chest ( about 4″ deep by 6″ wide) started to shrink and eventually disappeared altogether. One other dog in the household, who has has hotspots at the base of her tail for YEARS, had began to heal and she now has the most think fur in that area. people that have been around her have stated that they have never seen her w/ such a nice coat and Sophie is 15 yrs old.

So if you need more abundance in your life go play the Prosperity Game.

** Another Freebie**
If you need some positive  notes on a daily basis, then sign up and get a special “you are great, you can do it “  and sometimes humorous Message From the Universe.

They’re saying is Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!” ®

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